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"go on just say it, you need ME like a bad habit....." [entries|friends|calendar]
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p.s: fuck you [Sat.Nov.12.2005|11:46am ]
'You know what I think is the best thing about you? You suck as a friend but don't realize it because you are too busy telling your friends how bad your other friends suck. You know what else I love about you? You are so fucking self-centered you notice only when your friends aren't up your ass. Maybe if you got your own head out of your ass, you'd realize who needed you to be the friend you think you are to them and everyone else isn't to you.'

at least have the balls to sign your name, asshole.
horizontal straight from your wrists

Sorry guys Friends Only! [Fri.Dec.17.2004|11:10am ]

Comment and i'll add you....if i choose to. have a great day!

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